Mom, I Want Norwex Water!

I’ll admit that at first glance, the Norwex Water Filtration System was the new product I was least excited about. I kind of groaned inside – “I’m not in the business of selling water pitchers. There are tons of those on the market already.”

But the more I learned, the more excited I got. And now after using it for a few weeks, I’m in LOVE. My kids love the taste of it, even my extra-sensitive son. When we travel, I have always let Blake pick out the brand of water jug we got in the store, because they all taste different to him! We’ve had a reverse osmosis system for twelve years, so I’ve felt good that we were getting rid of the bad stuff in our tap water, but I’ve also known that it leaves the water slightly acidic and without the good minerals. Now we drink delicious pH neutral water with Magnesium and other good stuff added back in! Win, win, win. So I’m a convert, big time!

Norwex Water System

This water filtration system with exclusive magnesium technology has become my go-to housewarming and get-well gift. And we will definitely be packing it in our suitcase so we don’t have to buy bottled water when we travel.

Did you know 60 MILLION plastic bottles end up in our landfills every single DAY? If you know anyone who buys bottled water, save them a whole lot of money (and give our planet a break!) by recommending the to them!

Are YOU drinking the Norwex water? 🙂