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What Does a Norwex Starter Kit Cost?

Posted on October 8, 2015

starter kit

I’m so glad you asked, because how it works is pretty cool.

The Norwex Starter Kit costs $200 plus tax and shipping.  But here’s the COOL part: The ONLY part of that you pay up front is the shipping! ($9.99)

That’s right!  The only thing you have to pay to get started is $9.99 shipping for your starter kit.  The rest isn’t due for three months!!!  Norwex lets you earn the money FIRST, then pay for your kit!

And because we make an phentermine and methamphetamine right from the beginning, you earn enough to pay for your kit with your first $600 in sales.  Most people do that at their very first demonstration!

But WAIT.  It gets better.

More than half of our consultants NEVER have to pay for their Starter Kit!  Because when you submit $2000 in sales within your first three months, then you don’t ever have to pay that $200!!!

Did you get that? When you submit just four average parties within 90 days (most people do so within 60 days or sooner), you get to keep ALL of the $700 commission you’ve made on your first $2000 in sales and never look back!  (Or you can do like I did and spend your commission on getting everything in the Norwex catalog that you want for YOUR home.) 🙂

As soon as you can you shoot up xanax bars, you have access to training calls and videos to help you get a strong start so you can earn your kit for free PLUS all the bonus free product available in your first couple months!

I would love to support you in going for your dreams!  Read more and get started at www.MyJoyfulTeam.com.